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a.Accrue points

Members White Card Members Platinum Card Members Black card Members
Accrue points 1:1 1: 1.5 1: 2
  • The White Card Members' points coefficient is 1,Platinum Card Members' points coefficient is 1.5, Black Card Members' points coefficient is 2.
  • Those points can only received by our members themselves after they check out. The calculation methods of points related to the room rate, please see the follow table for your reference.
Member level white Jaca Retail price $ 300 3 number of rooms.
An owner-occupied, two-generation set 300 (prices * 9.2 (discount) = 276)
Personal Credits Reward Points
276 * 1 (integral) = 276 276 * 2 * 0.5 (Bonus) = 276
Credits totaling 552 points

The members will earm 0.5 times of the room rate as their points by call the hotline 400-6868-000.

For example:

Member level white Jaca Retail price $ 300 3 number of rooms.
An owner-occupied, two-generation set 300 (prices * 9.2 (discount) = 276)
Personal Credits Reward Points The official website provides an additional 0.5 times the points
276 * 1 (integral) = 276 276 * 2 * 0.5 (Bonus) = 276 276 * 0.5 = 138
Credits totaling 690 points
  • The points will be given to the members in 3 working days after they check out.
  • The points are not transferable to another person for any reason.
  • FX members can receive points through various ways, such as online reservation, recommendation etc. For more details, please see our event information.

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b.Points redemption

Notices for complimentary room redemption:

  • Complimentary room only refers to the classic room. And it should be ordered through our hotline 400-6868-000, in at least 24 hours before you check in.
  • In case of no show, if you didn't modify or cancel your order before 18:00 in the check-in day, your points will be deducted.
  • During the major holidays and some important events(such as,World Expo,The China Export Commodities Fair,Olympic Games etc. ), the complimentary room redemption is void.
  • You will not enjoy any other FX members' benefits when you stay in the complimentary room.
  • Upon check-in at front desk, you should confirm to pay with points, otherwise you need to pay your room rate.
  • The points used for redemption are not refundable.
  • Just to protect your rights, if you redeemed a complimentary room for your friends, you should accompany your friends to finish the check-in procedure.

Online gift redemption

FX points can be exchanged for various kinds of gifts by log on our website【】.

Notices for online gifts redemption:

  • Pictures for reference only, please regard the actual gifts as the truth. Our gifts will be updated periodically, no more after each gift redeemed out.
  • The gifts can only exchanged by our members themselves.
  • The corresponding points will be deducted after you call our hotline.
  • Due to special conditions and force majeure, the delivery time may be extended. (Under a month)
  • The gifts' distribution will be only available in mainland China.
  • Gifts redeemed are non-returnable.
  • If the gifts have quality problems, please call the hotline 400-6868-000, we will help you to exchange it.
  • Please reject the gifts and connect with our customer service center if the gifts are damaged.

return top points information

Members can search the points information through the following ways:

1)Front desk: Members can serch their points information under the help of our staffs at the front desk.

2)Online:Members can log on to【】 to serch their points information.

3)Hotline:Members can dial 400-6868-000 to serch their points information.

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d.Points validity

All of the FX points are valid for two years from date of issuance.If the points are not redeemed within the valid date, we will regard it as a quitclaim, and the points will be deducted automatically.

  • For example, If you received some points in 5 June 2010, and still not use them until 4June 2012, those points will be deducted automatically.

The early received points should be used first.

  • For example, if you received 5000 points before January 2011 and received another 6000 points from June to September 2011, you should use the 5000 points which you received before January to redeem a complimentary room.

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e.Points deduction

NO SHOW 500 Points

500 points will be deducted for any NOSHOW ( a booking that was not utilized.) No penalty will apply if the booking is cancelled within the specified period

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f.Gifts list

For details, please click on the the FX Store and more!

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