病毒肆虐,國際酒店品牌大舉進駐,本地酒店集團強強聯手,單一飯店孤軍如何面對?!台灣富驛酒店 : 單打獨鬥的時代過去了,區域戰略夥伴聯手時代來臨,讓大家最近故障的電話再有響起的機會。

台灣富驛酒店行銷業務部資深副總經理李奇儒表示 : 現在做什麼都沒用,但什麼都不做,那未來就徹底滅頂了。這時把大家連結在一起是為了更多的機會努力,為飯店業的夥伴們一起嘗試突破,讓大家一起活下去!防疫, 台灣的國民與醫療已優於其他國家,不管是素質或是技術均值得大聲說:台灣是安全的!只要做好防疫措施,每個人多一點小心,走一趟紓解疫壓的身心靈之旅不是不可行的。

Company Profile

    FX Group is a continuously expanding hotel chain with the mission to provide hospitality in a stylish, intelligent, and healthy way, and consists of four brands: Boutix Hotel, Boutix Resort, FX Hotel and FX Inn. FX Group operates 83 hotels in major Chinese Citis, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Taipei, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin, Yangzhou and other places with 9126 rooms. Each of the hotels is located in important business district or downtown area, to let our guests enjoy the comfort and convenience in their business trips.

    FX Club provides VIP members with competitive prices, exclusive booking service, late check-out, self check-out, extra FX points, free use of iPad and other customized Services. There are exquisite and fashionable gifts for redemption.

    FX Hotels Group, FX Group’s subsidiary company, is listed in Taiwan Stock Market, code 2724.

    You can make a reservation for special room rates through the following channels:

    24-hour booking line: 400-6868-000

    WeChat: Fxhotelsgroup

    FX website:

    We share loyalty plans with 14 Furama Hotels in Southeast Asia.

For media inquiry, please contact Marketing Department:
Phone:(+86-10) 58986694